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Creative Work

Is your creativity taking a backseat to your running to-do list living in your brain? 

Bet you never imagined that turning a passion into a business came with a running list of things
you constantly have to keep up with.

Yes, sticky notes help sometimes. A pretty paper notebook kinda motivates you (but you can’t find where you wrote that one note down). And your email or text is full of reminders that you’ve sent yourself. You're just doing what you've always done.


But that’s where I come in. Your systems strategist and operations expert.

Hi! I’m Rebecca Jones and I come alongside wedding pros who are running their business from their head. We both know that there’s freedom and confidence in systematizing all that knowledge in your brain. So, let's get it out!


After being in the events industry for 15 years, I know what it’s like to juggle multiple clients and keeping track of. all. the. details. Organization is key, but it’s only truly effective when it’s living outside of you

Let’s find that freedom and confidence with strategic systems and a well-thought out project management tool to keep you on track with your to-do list and goals for your business.


Who am I to be fan-girling over arguably
one of the most un-interesting aspects of business?

The girl who got called Type-A as an insult, but have fully embraced it with open arms.

The little girl who thought she wanted to be an actress when she grew up and then realized she’d much rather be behind the scenes supporting the stars of the show. *cough* that’s you *cough*.

And the mom who has to systematize her life (to some degree) because I’m a business-owner on top of being a chef, chauffeur, scheduler, nutritionist, entertainer for 4 kids + a husband, and a tennis-player trying to keep her one-handed backhand sharp. 

Ready to find that space so you can focus more on your creativity and passion (why you started this biz in the first place, right)?

Schedule a call.

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