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Systems may be the supporting player, but without them, your business won’t make money.

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More Than a Supporting Role

Operations and systems often take a back seat to the sexier sales and marketing side of business, but they are the supporting player that makes everything 10x better. Well throughout and optimized operations will amaze your clients, keep your business running effortlessly, and preserve your sanity.

There are 3 People Involved in your Systems:

You, Your Business & Your Clients


Save your sanity by operating your business so that you don’t have to be involved in every single step, you’re working resourcefully, and you feel in control & confident.


Run your business efficiently with un-fussy processes and supporting tools to grow, sustain and even scale that dream of yours.


How are you going to Win your clients from the start, Wow them during and leave them with Stars in their eyes at the end.

[Rebecca] was able to get me to effectively release all of the information and processes that I've been keeping solely in my brain, and created a wonderful workflow/project management tool for me to utilize and move my clients through. Not only does this serve to up my credibility as a planner, but it's such a relief to know that I have a little automation in my business that now has my back when my (very human) brain fails me. 

Ashley, Event Planner
Alston Mayger Events



Get It Out
of your Head

Get out those systems floating around in your head. You may have just been doing the same thing from the start or adjusted as you went, but regardless how you run your business is all in your head… taking up precious brain space. Let’s free up that brain space so your creativity can run free.

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Fine Tune

Once we get those systems out of your head, let’s fine tune them. Let’s make them more efficient and effective. We’ll find tools that will support your systems that will free up even more of your brain space and find more time in your day.


Proceed with

When we’re done, it’ll be like a weight’s been lifted off your shoulders. That’s because your shoulders (and head)  won’t be carrying the responsibility of running your business. Feel the confidence in the tools supporting you and the systematized and documented systems that will keep you, your business and your clients happy.

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There’s Two Ways to Work With Us

Ongoing Operations Management

Bring me on as your operations manager to run and oversee the day-to-day to-dos while still strategizing with you on how your business could run more efficiently. Consider me your right-hand woman, the integrator to your creative-self, the operational expert for your business goals. 

There are no current retainer openings.

Systems Strategy Sessions

Get your systems streamlined, systematized and out of your head. This done for you service takes your systems and implements them into the right tools that will support your day to day operations. Because systems are not a one-size-fits-all, this is customized to fit your business and your needs.

Two openings per month. 

Every business who's ready to grow would benefit from this. I was trying to hire admin help before and I was so confused on what to ask for help wise. With ClickUp and the SOPs, I can hand things over a lot easier. There’s this clarity about processes I didn't have before.

Seriously didn't realize how much I carried in my head about how I run my business. Can't wait to get more SOPs done in the future.

Lei, Designer
House of Bretón


Hey there!

I’m Rebecca, your Systems Strategist & Operations Manager

Rebecca Jones Solutions is an Operations Management house that specializes in project management set ups and getting the backend of your business organized. I’ll make talking about the operations, systems, workflows, processes of your business as painless as possible and help you see the endless potential of systems. 

Can we be friends?

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